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Nick Gentle - Master Fletcher

Traditional Arrows make authentic arrows from our past, creating arrows from history and fantasy for use or display

All arrows are superbly hand made by Master Fletcher Nick Gentle, who, having researched historians, documents, pictures and what little has been found of the actual items, makes all the arrows by hand in his workshop in Sussex, England using authentic materials and the very best arrow heads [brief biography]

About Nick Gentle, Master Fletcher

I have always been passionate about Archery

At the age of 20 I started target archery but more recently prefer and love field archery using the traditional longbow

During the ensuing years I joined the English Civil War Society as a pikeman and musketeer, re-enacting battles and living history events

My hobbies, when time allows, are making and painting model and toy soldiers, and reading military and historical books, both fact and fiction

During the last 8 years I have been a fletcher's apprentice, studying and practicing the craft of fletching with the Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers, culminating in the granting of a Masters Certificate in 2013

I work in the family picture framing business located in the village of Washington, West Sussex and live nearby with my wife and 3 dogs

Nick Gentle, 2021

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Collection of traditionally made arrows Collection of traditionally made arrows

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